Fillable Form on Google Slides

JOB AID Fillable Form on Google Slides (8).pdf

Tools: Canva

Time: 2 hours

Client: Vivid Technologies (*Fictional Company)

My role: graphic design, development


Context: Employees at Vivid Technologies are overwhelmed by a high volume of paper forms needed for their work. They struggle to keep it organized and with more and more employees moving to remote work, paper work has become a pain to deal with.

Challenge: The client wants a visual guide to help their employees learn to create digital forms with the goal of simplifying their systems and keeping forms organized.

Solutions: This job aid gives clear, manageable steps to create a fillable digital form on Google Slides.

Results: Employees at Vivid Technologies successfully recreated the 12 form templates they use on a regular basis. When asked about how moving to digital fillable forms has benefited them 92% of employees claimed that they are able to complete, organize and locate paperwork much more easily than before.