RISE: How to Personalize Folders

Tools: Rise, Canva

Time: 1 week

Client: Alpha Data Solutions

My role: graphic design, development

CASE STUDY *fictional case study*

Context: Employees at Alpha Data Solutions have to manage a high volume of documents on a daily basis.

Challenge: The high volume of documents is hard to manage for many of the employees. They struggle to locate information easily on their desktop. Many workers pointed to the high number of folders on their desktop as overwhelming and claimed that this contributed to their struggle to find items they needed. The client asked for an eLearning course to teach their employees how to better organize their desktop.

Solution: This course was designed to teach the employees how to personalize their desktop folders so that they are able to see what is in a folder at a glance based on the visual design.

Results: Employees were able retrieve needed files 2x faster after personalizing their desktop folders. 93% of employees say their desktop is much less overwhelming and items are easier to find.