Storyline: UFC Recruitment Calls

Tools: Storyline, Canva, Audacity

Time: 2 weeks

Client: Save The Pine Trees

My role: design, development

CASE STUDY *fictional case study*

Context: Protect the Pine Trees is an organization whose mission is to protect patches of nature in local communities. They rely on volunteers to help run their organization. They are struggling to retain and recruit volunteers.

Challenge: Save the Pine Trees wants to train their volunteers to recruit members during recruitment calls. They desire to teach the UFC technique for communication. The goal is that due to this technique, more volunteers will be recruited and retained.

Solutions: I created a comprehensive eLearning course that teaches volunteer callers what the UFC strategy is, how to identify when it is used, and gives an opportunity to practice using the strategy.

Results: Within 6 months of this training, successful recruitment calls were up 10%. 91% of volunteer callers say they feel more comfortable and confident in their ability to make successful recruitment calls.