ILT Fillable Form on Google Slides

Facilitators Guide How to Make Fillable Forms on Google Slides.pdf
Participant Guide How to Make Fillable Forms on Google Slides.pdf
ILT Slides How to Make Fillable Forms on Google Slides.pdf

Tools: Canva

Time: 3 days

Client: Vivid Technologies (*fictional company for case study)

My role: Instructional Designer, Developer


Context: Employees at Vivid Technologies are overwhelmed by a high volume of paper forms needed for their work. They struggle to keep it organized and with more and more employees moving to remote work, paper work has become a pain to deal with.

Challenge: The client wants an in person Instructor Led Training to help their employees learn to create digital forms with the goal of simplifying their systems and keeping forms organized.

Solutions: This Instructor Led Training teaches the benefits of creating fillable forms on Google Slides, the process of creating them and also gives time and opportunity for participants to create their own.

Results: 100% of the training participants successfully completed and sent in their example form at the end of the training for credit. Within 3 months after this training, Employees at Vivid Technologies successfully recreated the 12 form templates they use on a regular basis.They were able to successfully manage and organize all newly created and completed forms. When asked about how moving to digital fillable forms has benefited them 92% of employees claimed that they are able to complete, organize and locate paperwork much more easily than before.